Elit brand new central warehouse in Senec, Slovakia
Elit, the first spare parts Slovakian distributor, with the cooperation of parent company Rhiag Group has opened a brand new central warehouse in Senec, whose total surface is over 5,000 sqm. Not only is it close to the capital city Bratislava but it has a strategical proximity to the main Slovakian highway, which connects the eastern and the western parts of the country.

The warehouse has a wider stocking capacity, over 75,000 units, with possibility to furtherly expand. The modern flexible shelf system allows to allocate very small- sized parts as well as large palette units or even extra size loads. Moreover, there is also an ADR section to stock dangerous goods such as oil, fluids, chemicals etc.

Among the assets offered to customers is the double delivery (day and overnight) to the Slovakian branches and customers. They will now be able to make direct orders until 7 p.m. versus the former cut off order time at 5 p.m.