Electric Tour: the road show to promote sustainable and safe mobility

The road show will start from Bari Ikea Store car park and will and in San Giuliano Milanese, driving through the Estern Cost of Italy, stopping at Ikea Stores of Pescara, Ancona, Rimini, Bologna, Parma all equipped with electric car rechargers.

The “Electric Tour” offers Ikea Customers some drive tests in electric or hybrid cars to let people know about this new kind of driving.

At the same time ‘a posto’ garage mechanics will provide a free car check-up which will be sent via email to car owners to brief them about their car conditions. The aim is to make them drive a safe car.

All the data collected will be part of a survey about “the health” of the Italian circulating cars.

The event will be widely advertised thus remarkably increasing ‘a posto’ network brand awareness.