Baar New Headquarters and warehouse inauguration
The automotive spare parts business partner RHIAG Group Ltd invited its customers to its first “open house” on May 10, 2014.
It was a sunny day when the company welcomed around 600 visitors to show them the new logistic warehouse in Baar and the new office location. There were more than 50 guided tours to show what happens behind the scenes followed by refreshments.
The main reason for this open house was the recent move of the warehouse and office location. The new warehouse moved to Oberneuhofstrasse 10, which is close to the Post Logistic Centre. About 350,000 items are in stock and ready to be sent to Swiss wholesalers and their garages. Each month, 50,700 products leave the warehouse. Furthermore, the office location moved from Obernheuhofstrasse 9 to Oberneuhofstrasse 6.