Starline Portfolio grows thanks two new lines


Starline Portfolio grows thanks two new lines
Engine Filters – Rhiag and Bertolotti have (greater/further) extended Starline range by adding air, oil and fuel filter. By offering 321 sku’s Starline grants 85% coverage of the Italian current car park. The air filters complement Starline car servicing portfolio which includes oil, cabin filters and bulbs.


CV Joints Kit
CV joints are among those products which are replaced generally only after a certain number of year. In a market where the car park is getting older and older Starline meets more and more the new needs of a changing market. The range, as usual, is tailored on the specific needs of the Italian market and wide enough to cover the demands of this business.


Starline is the Rhiag Group private label focused on value for money range of products, designed to offer the best quality/price ratio choice for a reliable and convenient maintenance.